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Marie is an instructor of English at Sacred Heart University and recently completed her MFA in Creative Writing at Fairfield University. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and her faithful English Springer Spaniel, "the artful" Dodger.
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Welcome to my vignettes about my days in the magnificent city of London!

Descant: A discourse or series of remarks on one theme; to comment freely, talk in detail and at length.

Love Letters to London is a series of vignettes about my life in London as a young woman. After experiencing a life threatening, and life changing, illness in my mid-twenties, I decided to leave my corporate job and life in New York behind in search of my authentic life.I had lived in London as a graduate student completing my Master’s thesis examining the influence of the Romantic poet John Keats on the early Victorian poet Alfred Lord Tennyson and had always yearned to return. I felt a connection to the English sensibilities and wanted to immerse myself in the culture which had produced so many of the authors I loved. The illness resulted in an epiphany about how I wanted to live my life, however long or short it might be. As a result, I gathered up my meager life savings, quit my job and moved to London with hopes of working as a journalist, writing, and, eventually being able to live and to work there for an extended stay. I had always wanted to live abroad and to experience all the challenges and joys of learning who I was when no one knew who I was. Following my illness, I was liberated from any fear of living the life I wanted to live.

Some names have been changed to protect the identity of my co-conspirators in happy memories.The vignettes weave together a tapestry of my life in London. They are stories about my various flats and flat mates, jobs, encounters with distinctly English “characters”, and, ultimately about navigating the course of my search for a life of meaning and purpose. These are excerpts from the stories of my London life...


Black and Howell

Bishops Park

Journey to the Sea

Fish in a Tank


Daffodil Days


More to come...